Raise Your Hand!

"Raise your hand, if you want to move!"...this was the request from my youngest daughter at the dinner table last night.  It was dead silence....deafening silence and that doesn't happen around here to often.

No one really raised their hands...

we just sat there...quiet.

We have taken the approach of finding the "blessings" in this and there are blessings in it...there is answered prayer attached right to it!

But, with it...we have to cry and let the kids "voice" their feelings.  It's unknown and it's scary and we are moving back to the "rat race" as my husband puts it.  Big City, Lots of traffic, late night dinners, long long commutes, rush, rush and more rush all around us. Our little quiet midwest lifestyle will be just a memory...

We plan and we think we know the "future" but it can change in a day...it can change with one phone call.  The Lord directs our paths and even when we can't seem to the find the "reason" or the "know-how"....He does and usually years down the road...we see it too!

Since the weekend, this has gone into "high gear"... between realtors and moving companies...temporary housing and traveling...I feel completely overwhelmed in it.  So many decisions need to be made that I can't seem to even make a simple one.  The only decision I could make today was to bake Snickerdoodles...the kids loved them so I guess that was one good decision today.

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