Kefir or moonshine?

I have a dear friend who is always encouraging me with her healthy and "whole" eating.  She is always whipping up some yummy thing with some flour I have never heard of or some grain that sounds like a "different" language. 

About a month ago, I thought she was drinking some crystal light but instead she had just started making "kefir" water.  Kefir water is similar to Kefir milk but the bacteria doesn't grow on milk but water and sugar.  The kefir water is an amazing probiotic beverage made from kefir grains. 
{Kefir grains}
I tried making Kefir water this past week.  I think I asked a million questions because I was so scared I would "mix" up something wrong.  If you don't follow directions carefully or add fruit at certain points of the process, you could end up with a "Budweiser" than "kefir water".    I didn't want to be pulled over for waving over the line with my kefir water when I really brewed up some type of "adult" drink.  

I am still a little apprehensive with feeding to my kids even though it's perfectly safe.  I am just scared that I may have done something wrong--sometimes I can screw up on a pot of boiled noodles...let alone making a mistake and brewing up "moonshine".....ahhh! It is easy and pretty quick to make and provides probiotics for healthy living. Here is a great post from a blogger on Kefir water...she explains it great! Another great website about water kefir...go here!
{Kefir water after the process} 

So after the process is all done, I mix the Kefir water with fruit juice and water.  I am trying to see what is the least amount of juice I need to drink it with and enjoy it!  It really is good b/c it has a "nice" fizz to it!  It's rather tasty!

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