Kitchen sink.

There are two things I love by my kitchen sink...
First, I love "herbs".  I love the way they look....i love the way they smell...i love that I can use them in recipes and they are fresh.  I picked up a cute pot of herbs at Trader Joes.  i have already used it a ton.  I love planting a herb plant in a tea cup or a cute bowl, clay pot. Experiment. A herb pot makes me happy...every kitchen should have a few herbs growing. It makes cooking a little more interesting when you pluck off a herb leaf for your pizza sauce, chicken noodle soup or even brewing a cup of lemon tea.

Second, I heart Meyer's soap and cleaners.  Seriously, if you hate doing dishes or clean countertops--buy a few Meyer cleaning products.  They smell so yummy and fresh.  No one LOVES to clean a pan or a pot but using hot steamy water with your favorite Meyer's soap makes the *job* a little more enjoyable.  I have seen Meyer's soap a lot of places from our local grocery store, Target, Whole Foods and Walmart now.

Herb plants and soap are simple things but they are fairly inexpensive and can make the mundane of a day a little more enjoyable.

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