Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Today, we are celebrating this girl! 

Goodness, I really love her!  She is many times the sunshine in my day! She is full of energy...passion... and has an extra "skip" in her step! 
We are kindred spirits...we speak the same "love" language. When I am all frazzled, she quietly goes and empties the dishwasher or sneaks in the laundry room and folds clothes...yes, that is my love language.
It hit me while we were out together that my years with her are quickly dwindling and she will be a young woman...it makes me weepy. 

This year has brought many changes...she wears my earrings, uses my lotions and I caught her wearing my boots.
This Birthday Girl makes me laugh and helps me see the "good" in other people.

She is a blessing to our family.  Happy Birthday!

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