10 things I know about being a "Swim Mom"..

Through the years, we have done lots of sports from gymnastics, soccer teams, basketball teams, jump rope team and now two of my kids are on a winter swim team.  Swimming has a "culture" all of it's own...but behind every swimmer are parents. The parents may never touch the water but believe me they are part of the "swim team" too!

10 things about being a "Swim Mom"...

#10  Being a swim mom forces you to learn "creative" ways to fit at many towels in the wash machine as you can!  You learn to fold them strategically to get more in there...in hopes the wash machine won't "rock back" at a violent speed.

#9 Being a swim mom, you begin to form an appreciation for the smell of "chlorine" throughout your house and on your kids.  It almost starts to smell good!

#8 Being a swim mom, you find yourself on Amazon.com searching for a company that will sell you bulk swim shampoo so your daughter doesn't wake up with green hair!

#7 Being a swim mom, you actually get excited when you find out that your swimmer has warm-ups at 7:50 instead of 6:00a.m.---Yeah, we can sleep in on Saturday!

#6 Being a swim mom teaches you that you CAN get a lot accomplished 5 days a week during that two hour of practice from grocery shopping, dry cleaning, library book returning and filling prescriptions at the pharmacy.

#5 Being a swim mom,  makes you a CRAZY facebook picture 'poster' because you are sitting in that pool area for hours and you are posting swim pictures that LOOK the same as the ones you posted at last weekends meet but the swim mom sitting next to you still "LIKES" them on Facebook!

#4 Being a swim mom, makes your sense of "smell" strong b/c you can actually smell a wet bathing suit that has been sitting at the bottom of a swim bag for days without even looking in there.

#3 Being a swim mom, encourages you to search out the healthiest snack on blogs, Pinterest, Facebook... because there is No WAY your swimmer is going to pull out a bag of skittles in front of all those "swim" moms during a swim meet---hummus and carrot sticks all the way!

#2 Being a swim mom, makes Christmas stocking shopping easy because your child always needs new goggles!

#1 Being a swim mom, reminds you again that you are your child's #1 cheerleader...because when they step on that block and they look beyond all their friends jumping and cheering to scope the bleachers on the right THEN glance up to the high seating and make eye contact with you...you give that thumbs up and they give that slight grin back and slide those goggles down...that is the BEST thing about being a swim mom!

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