Blessings in homeschooling...even during dissection!

I home school.  That brings about so many different "reactions" now a day!  The homeschooling movement has grown so much over the past few years and I NEVER thought I would be part of that "movement".  But, I am and even though I DO have those days that I want to run out in my robe and bare feet and flag down the nearest yellow bus.... OR when the grocery clerk hears that I home school and responds..."I could never do that!".  I want to grab that little ladies cheeks and look her beady eye to beady eye and say "EITHER CAN I!".  I have those days and if you home school I am sure you do too!

But, today (and maybe just today!) I am writing and saying that in midst of some of the struggles (most is just my own selfishness and "wants").  I am so thankful that I do home school!  Today (and maybe just today) I am SO happy that my kids are home learning and growing together.  If I had paid tuition at my kid's old private school, today I would NOT send them.  When I set aside my own struggles of wanting to sit at Starbucks and read a book, or clean my house from top to bottom uninterrupted...I realize that homeschooling my kids is a huge blessing.  The days can seem slow when there is whining during Grammar lesson or paragraphs to write and History to discuss but when I look back at yesterday, the last week or even this past school year.  It is going so fast and sharing all these "ups" and "downs" with my kids is far worth private school, free time or a clean house.

Today, at our home school co-op, I  sat in my son's Biology class observing them dissecting a frog. I felt an overwhelming "thankfulness" for the amazing families/teachers that have come into our lives.  Last year at this time, I was struggling with so many of the decisions regarding homeschooling my son...I knew what I wanted but I couldn't articulate it in words.  But, my Lord knew my thoughts and my prayers and today as I sat in that class....I realized all those prayers, waking up in the middle of night to "worry", reading books... the desires of my heart were answered.

There is no perfect co-op but I am going to surprise some people...this is pretty close.  It's perfect for what my kids need right now...homeschooling doesn't look the same for all families.  There is no special program, curriculum or method...homeschooling is pretty "individual" and that is the beauty of it! I think most of us homeschooling moms would just let go of all the "advice" that we hear and follow our own "heart" and soak it in prayer...we might be surprised that there is where we will find
direction and answers.
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