A little shopping...

Most of our weekends are FULL and jam packed!  This Saturday, we didn't have a swim meet and I almost felt "lost".... I didn't know what to do!
I sent a text to my friend and half "joking" told her she should come down with her daughter and we all go shopping!  Well, she did!!!

She knows everything there is to know about me and more...we are completely honest with each other...like two sisters!  I say stuff to her that I would NEVER say to someone else and she does the same.  Everyone needs at least one friend like that in their lives...I think I can only handle "one"...we lived REALLY close to each other before we moved.  Then about three years later after I moved, she moved 50 minutes away from me. She is the kind of friend that I can go to her house and fall asleep on her couch when I should be watching a movie.  I know her cupboards and I can tell her that I don't like her dinner (but that rarely would happen b/c she is a great cook!).  I can be sarcastic and so is she...I can be real and even when I try to "hide" it--she knows!...we fight like sisters and have been known to say "sorry" and forgive. 

We have the hardest time getting together b/c we both have busy lives...busy kids!  The girls had SO much fun together and so did I!  

We did a little shopping..ate dinner and even went grocery shopping! My girls had Christmas money to spend and gifts cards to use so they were very excited to go!  My friend and I bought new MAC lipstick and were putting it on in the middle of the mall.  We didn't even care...I am 41 years old and I don't care anymore...my daughter does all the "caring" and tells me not to do this or that in public:)! Our girls found the "sink" at Bed Bath and Beyond--their hands were TOTALLY silky after all their scrubs and lotions!

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