Making Tea for the whole Day!

If you read my blog, you know that I love tea and coffee drinks.  I am a huge tea drinker and since I have stopped drinking diet drinks on a daily basis.  I drink lots of tea.  I do drink coke zero during my co-op but I try to stay away from it at home. So a couple ladies and I were talking about green tea last week...I tweaked my tea a little different after the conversation. I think a person can aquire a taste for green tea because it is different than your traditional black tea.

I brew a green tea bag ( I love the Good Earth Super Green Tea-Target now carries this brand)..only about 2 minutes b/c you can ruin the taste of Green Tea quickly if you steep too long. Your water should also not boil when steeping Green Tea.

 After the tea is finished steeping, I then fill the rest of my water container with lemon and cucumbers and ice.  I stick it in the frig and drink when thirsty.  It's refreshing and good!  The cucumbers stay in "tack" but they look like pickles in the glass after a few hours.  I use the mini cucumbers.

 My youngest daughter and I eat the mini cucumbers all day long...we love them!  They are great with hummus and skinny cow cheese or just alone!  They usually come four to five in a pack wrapped in plastic wrap on a tray. I know Costco sells the mini cucumbers in plastic bags.

I had my tea in the evening last week and the front desk people at our YMCA thought I was drinking tea with pickles.  Several people gave me a few strange looks as I was drinking my tea that night...

Green tea is so good for you...I think it's almost better "iced" than hot but that is my personal opinion.  Did you know that Green Tea...

*has great antioxidants that can fight cancers
*boost your energy
*great fat fighter
*helps prevent wrinkles and skin damage

...and many more studies show that Green Tea has other health benefits.  Hey, just the fat fighter and prevent wrinkles...I am sold on drinking it.  It also is great at hydration and I think it curves my appetite a bit. 

You can add other fruit like oranges or berries....the lemon and cucumbers seem to last all day so I like that!
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