I SODA think your are amazing!

 I say it all the time...I love Pinterest.  I really do use a lot of the ideas I pin....not all but a good majority of them especially recipes! My girls and I were looking on Pinterest for Valentine ideas.  NOW that may have not been a good idea!!!

I made these cute hershey kiss candy wrap for my students!  It's pretty easy just take a plastic cup and fill it with Valentine candy. 
Tape the top of the cup to keep the candy inside. Take a piece of metal wrap and put it around the base of the cup to give it a "wider" bottom. Then take another LARGE piece of metal wrap and put it around the cup and twist it on top.  I stuck two pieces of Valentine ribbon on top for a more hershey kiss look!

My oldest daughter gave out "I soda think you are amazing" Valentines to her friends at her CC co-op.  She attached a cute red/white straw--

the kids thought it was great to get a can of pop at co-op! :) {I don't know about the parents!}.

I love Valentines...I can't wait to make red heart pancakes with chocolate chips for my kids!   photo signature_zps50f9e3fe.png

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