I am an OILER!

I guess I am an "Oiler".  I never knew I was till I saw a whole series of bloggers showing how they use essential oils in their daily lives. They all refer to themselves as "Oilers".  I have gradually gone this direction...I bought my first oil at Whole Foods about a two years ago and added as I went.  I then bought another brand then recently I have moved to buying Young Living Oils.

My family thinks I am weird and when I first started using my diffuser....they made jokes constantly!  But slowly things have changed...even Mr. Sandy Toes let me put oils on the bottom of his feet last week after he got home from the gym.  I have been known to use oils for sinus infections, muscle soreness, growing pains, cramps, ear aches even to deal with vericose veins.

Before I go into much detail....I must say that some of the names of the oils may appear that I am depending on these oils to give me that.  Well, true joy and happiness does not come from an oil in a jar but from the Lord. But oils slowly have helped my family not to depend on medicine for normal aches and pain.

"May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." Romans 15:13

So, I use essential oils to clean, diffuse, rub and spray. My two daughters swim.  I use oils on my oldest daughter all the time around her shoulder.  We can't figure out if she is doing something wrong in her stroke or just the wear and tear of lots of swimming makes her shoulders ache.  Using oils on her shoulders after practice has really helped! I use Pan-Away on her.

 Here is what a normal day looks like for me...

I get up in the morning and rub essential oils on my neck and around my heart area.  I use the essential oil Joy. I love the smell of Joy and it's very uplifting to me.  This is a new oil for me with Young Living Oils but I love it!

Then I go downstairs and I put Lemon essential oil in my diffuser. My son really likes that in the diffuser...it wakes us up and energizes us. I also drop a few drops in my water each morning. Lemon is also great for laundry.  I put a few drops of it on a wet cloth with my clothes to be dried and it can increase the antibacterial benefits and make clothes feel fresh smelling.

When I really am having a crazy day and I feel frazzled or my kids feel frazzled I may use Peace and Calming or Lavender(I do mix it with jojoba to dilute).  Lavender is also a wonderful oil to diffuse at night to help you sleep or calm down from a busy day. It also is good for acne.

Peppermint is another wonderful oil that I use for itchy skin or sinus issues.

My favorite oil is THIEVES.   I put this on the bottom of my family's feet especially if they have a sniffle.  I have a little spray bottle to spray my cart, handles or anything that looks germ-y when I am out in public.  I also clean with it like my counter tops or my kitchen table.  It smells wonderful!
Essential oils is something you just learn along the way by reading and talking with other people.  I love Young Oils and I have been very pleased. I feel they are a good quality and they can be consumed or diffused.  I think everything in moderation and balance but it's been nice to go a more "natural" route instead of grabbing for the motrin each time!

One last note...lately, I have been adding essential oils to my coconut oil for my face...that is really nice too!
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