Cooking class.

This week, I took a cooking class with a friend.  Can I tell you that it was a wonderful night? I mean truly enjoyable....of course, the glass of wine was an added benefit.  I don't really enjoy drinking...I would much rather have a latte or a milkshake.  But, for some reason, this wine was delightful.

The class was taught by a cute little Italian woman and every recipe demonstrated was wonderful!  I will make each recipe!  We  had a full course meal with a salad, antipasto platters, *amazing* garlic bread, homemade dressings with a a beautiful salad and two main dishes plus an amazing dessert.  It was all cooked in front of us and then served to us by waiters.  It was amazing and such a treat!

She also shared some great "tricks" in cooking and some fun utensils to use along the way! I learned how to use Parmesan Rhine and the *right* Italian way to boil noodles, wrapping a wet towel around a bowl, using water in a pan to cool off a ricotta cheesecake and how to cut a little chicken! I have never cut out the back bone of a chicken but I will! It was amazing and I never knew I could do that! It was worth every penny and more.  

 If they would of served me breakfast the next day...I would of spent the night! :)
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