Through the 18 years of marriage, we have lived in several places(quite a few places!).  The months leading up to a "move" would always mean that a convenient Starbucks would be built and opened.  The moment we found out we were moving...a Starbucks would go up every time!  It became a joke around here...

We have lived in our "present" city the longest and when I first moved here I would drive by a coffee shop near my home.  It was not my favorite coffee spot and I think I only went there once....I would secretly hope that a Starbucks would move in there one day!  Well, about a month and half ago, we drove by and read a sign that said "Starbucks coming soon...". Of course, my first thought was to get home and ask Mr. Sandy Toes if any "transfer or new job" was on the horizon! OPENED this weekend!  My daughter and I were there on the first day and then the next day...thankful for Christmas {gift cards}!

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