Making Bread part 2 (no jean skirt required)

Well, let me just start off Part Two of Making Bread with ONE little PROBLEM in making is eaten WAYYyYYyyyy to fast!   I made two loaves on Monday and it's GONE!  Now, we did have co-op yesterday so that is four sandwiches and we made garlic bread at dinner plus a few had toast this morning.  I am still trying to figure out how I can make this work in my schedule...I really don't want to do this every other day!  So I am figuring it out...

Let's talk grinding...

The "Bread" lady who taught me how to make bread shared her favorite brand of wheat berries by Prairie Gold.  The best part is that our Walmart carries it..check it out here.!!! There must be a lot of grinders in this area b/c not all Walmarts carry it but ours does.  I store the entire bag in a food safe container that I bought at Lowes (another trick from the bread lady!). 

I purchased the  L'Equip Nutrimill which grinds the wheat berries up from Amazon...check it out here.

The flour is so fine and almost "pretty" after it's grinded up.  I have made a few mistakes like not pushing the bucket in all the way (lots of flour everywhere) and I forgot the lock too.  But, overall the Nutrimill grinder is VERY easy to use. 


The steps to making bread from fresh wheat berries is pretty easy from start to finish but cleaning up the Nutrimill takes a little time after grinding.

I put in about 5 cups of wheat berries each time.  I make two loaves when I grind and I also have extra flour for french toast, cookies and pancakes.  After I grind the wheat berries I use the first 4 1/2 cups of flour for my first loaf of bread to go in the bread maker.  I grind again and measure out 4 1/2 cups of wheat flour for my next loaf and put it in a tupperware container to use after the first loaf is done (Trick #3 from the bread lady). The remaining flour goes into another tupperware container to be put in the frig for other things.  It only will last about 5-6 days....I seem to be using it up much sooner!

After grinding, I take a little paint brush and clean off all the excess flour sticking to the mill (Trick #4 from the bread lady) and then clean it!

Taking that wonderful wheat flour and baking bread....part three tomorrow! Your house smells yummy!
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