Making Bread part 1 (No long jean skirt required)

A couple of years ago, I remember when we made the decision to home school, one of my friends (who doesn't home school) said she supported me as long as I don't start grinding my own wheat and wear long, jean skirts!  Well... I don't wear the skirts(just bought a cute outfit at Old Navy last week) but I have started to grind my own wheat berries!CRAZY!!!

I remember just a few years back walking with a friend at the homeschooling convention looking at a huge booth of grinders, blenders and buckets of wheat...contemplating how great it would be to have healthy bread.  It is a big investment but this past week I took the PLUNGE (so did two of my other home school friends) family has totally agreed it was the perfect investment!

So the three of us last Sunday evening went to a ladies home (met her when my kids were in school) and watched her make bread.  She grinds the wheat berries and bakes the bread.  It was a great night and all three of us left there convinced this is what we needed to do.  I am sure was surprised when 3 grinders, 3 bread makers, yeast and bread bags were all ordered from three different homes in the same area...the same night. 

We were like kids at Christmas waiting for our 2 day shipping(LOVE Amazon prime) of all our bread making. There were texts going back and forth as we all waited.  When the huge pile of boxes sat at my front darling teenage son's first comment as he helped me carry the boxes was "Dad is going to kill you!".   Well, before Mr. Sandy Toes got home, I had bread baking in the machine and ready to serve at dinner.

One bite into the bread and he has really not said a word... (well, I think he whispered "Happy Valentines")

I have made three loaves already and we all LOVE it!  It is great cold, warm or toasted!  I made french toast this morning and it was delicious!  I also made whole wheat chocolate chip/oat cookies and they are gone!

It sounds like a complicated process but it's getting easier and easier! I was worried that the bread would go bad because there are no preservatives or chemicals but that is not a problem around here.  They eat it...maybe a  little too quickly!

Tomorrow....I will talk about grinding wheat berries which is Step #1....

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