Monday mornings and Matcha tea

It's been a busy weekend!  But, I have mostly watched it from my bed...I have plans to be reunited again in my bed in just a few minutes.   I have one of those bad sinus infections that just took me for a loop!  But, this morning, I was texting a dear friend who has been in the hospital and I was telling her all about my matcha tea:).  We both love teas!  So after we were done...I decided to make a cup.

Matcha tea is a green tea that is in powder form.  It's a bit pricey but you use VERY little!   It's a very fine tea that you whisk in hot water.
 It's good for you and has a different taste but I love it!  I do not drink matcha tea plain...I froth up some milk and make a latte!

Matcha tea is very healthy for you and has a lot of good benefits for health. 

I took this online 4 week class with Beauty Moves.  She shared a neat video of matcha tea.    I love these videos...I have watched a bunch of them b/c I LOVE drinks and they are such pretty videos! Watch here....Thirsty For!  They have videos on how to make all kinds of drinks from southern sweet tea to London Fog latte!  

Someone asked me when I have time to watch these videos?  I don't know....I do a lot of waiting at swim practice or at 2am when I can't sleep.  Speaking of swim practice...I do have a little
for my daughter!

She qualified for Double AA this weekend!  This is a huge accomplishment for her and she has worked hard!  We are so happy for her...I am just sad I didn't see it!

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