Creation Museum..we go!

 We packed up yesterday and headed to the Creation Museum for a very special tour organized by my son's Biology teacher (and friend!).  Our tour was with Dr. Menton who holds a PhD in Biolody cell from Brown University and professor of medicine. He was very interesting and I loved his viewpoint--a Christian can be a Scientist..scriptural truth goes right along with the scientific principles.
It was a beautiful day and the temperature was so warm that we ate outside(today--it's snowing!).  It almost felt like Spring.  The kids discovered the outdoor area and the petting zoo after our tour. My son loved the Zorse (a horse and a zebra combo).  I think just being "outside" made a world of difference for all of us.

Today, we are bundled up and staying warm inside as the wind is howling outside.  It's hard to believe that I ate my lunch outside yesterday--we have the CRAZIEST weather here! 

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