Urbanspoon restaurant, mimosas and streamers

April 5th came and went...I turned 42! I woke up thinking that I wish I could "stop" this day.  But, reality is that birthdays ALWAYS come and time can't be kept in a bottle....it keeps ticking no matter what.  After a few minutes, sitting there in my bed realizing that I can't "stop" this day I was greeted by excited kids and family so I faced this *new* year.

My family had completely decorated the downstairs with streamers and balloons...they even did the garage!!!! I have been trying to be careful with "eating" and "exercising" and I told my family "no cake" this year!  So they laid out a little low calorie brownie with a candle and a SUPER funny spoon!

Mr. Sandy Toes and I snuck off downtown to a very popular "urbanspoon".  I had a veggie crepe and a delicious mimosa. I have never been much of a "drinker" but I do love those girly wine drinks at brunch. It was so fun.  

My husband had the *belgium waffles* that they are known for with a side of fried crispy chicken (that too is their most popular entree).

After lunch, we walked around the farmers market that is indoors and outdoors downtown.  You see EVERYTHING and there are so many "smells"!  I like it..it's different and totally opposite of my *daily* life.  

We also found a "tea" store called Churchhills that sells loose tea.  I bought a few types...my favorite is the Creme Brulee tea--it's so good!

That night, we celebrated at Deweys pizza with my kids!  My kids have always been so excited about my birthday and they make it so special. 

Of course, Mr. Sandy Toes  helps too.  I was fairly "boring" with my birthday gifts that I wanted like Amazon kindle card, Shark steamer and reading glasses--but he surprised me with something beautiful in a little box. :)

It was a great birthday and I have been so blessed in so many ways! 
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