Farmers Market and Summer Lunches

I finally went to my first farmers market of the season.  It was slim picking but some of my favorite vendors were there! There is an amazing baker who bakes french bread in a big stone oven at the market.  The bread taste like a mixture of "bacon" and "smoke" truly is delish!  He also sells an amazing marinade that you can use on veggies, meats or even the french bread!  The problem is the bread only last one day at my house b/c everyone eats it!

This time I also tried a vendor who makes hummus. OH MY!  It was the best hummus I have ever had!  Okay...where are the veggies and the fruits, you are thinking??!! Who has time for veggies and fruits when you can buy bread and hummus!??

I was hoping to find lots of fresh veggies {I really was!} but just not quite the season yet! Let's talk summer lunches...we have a new thing on our lunch MENU!  We need new things on our menu b/c my kids are tired of sandwiches and grilled hot dogs.  It's probaly not new to you but my kids are in love and I am happy b/c it's easy!  We have been doing bake potatoes with all the fixings for lunch!  I just coat them with olive oil, sea salt and prick them.  Put them in the oven for about an hour at 400 degrees.  The kids love them and it gives them a break from sandwiches!  We put everything from shredded cheddar cheese, butter, bacon, cream cheese, sour son requested "pot roast" on top of his...really???  He is such a meat and potato type of guy!

It's a great lunch especially when swim team starts in the morning---it will be a perfect full-of-carb lunch to regain all that energy they burned!

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