Good Ole' Holiday Weekend

Another Memorial Weekend is done... We had a great one! Visited with some dear friends, farmers market, smores, paddleboats, picnic lunch and absolutely perfect weather~

I pulled out my grandmothers picnic basket and took it with us on Monday.  She is no longer with us but she was an amazing sewer.  My grandfather had redone the basket and she put in an entire lining with cute pockets even a place for straws!  When I opened it up that morning to pack the food, a smell filled the air that reminded me of my grandmother. It has a certain smell...this many years and it was still was bittersweet. My grandparents would of enjoyed being with my kids.

We went to our town's parade.  I love parades!  It always gives me chills when the armed forces march down the street and everyone stands and claps.  All the cute older veteran men sitting in floats and's a great reminder that our freedom is so not "free". As I stood by my teenage son, it hit home even closer when the cars went by with the "mothers" who lost their sons in war.  What a cost and a such a great loss for those day of "remembering" doesn't seem enough.

It was a great Memorial Day!
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