Home Is Where The POOL is!


Well, our pool opened  about two weeks ago...it takes quite some time to get the pool ready from chemicals to leaves.  In many ways we are blessed to have so many trees around our pool for privacy but they can be messy!  I have one tree in the yard that goes through the "SEVEN PLAGUES" all through the summer from berries, birds, bugs, leaves...it's a mess!

So those first few weeks are very bittersweet...it's a completely "Love/Hate" relationship with my pool!  But, once it gets all done and things seem to be running smoother and the kids are in...it's like Birth and Labor...you forget all the "pain"!

It's really summer when the back yard smells like sun tan lotion...all the lunches are enjoyed outside and lots of wet towels for me to do (wink!). 

It's summer around here for sure...

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