Summer Reading...

Reading books is a huge part of my summer!  I read during the year but it's more a "must" reading then pleasure reading!  I look forward to summer days and poolside "empty" hours.  All through the year, I just pile up books for summer.  It looks like I hoard books and don't read them BUT I do!  All summer long...

I love all different types of books and usually I will have 2 to 3 books going at a time.  When, someone recommends a book--I usually buy it (I get lots of gift cards to Amazon for Birthdays and Christmas) and just "pile" up for the summer!

Guess What? I have TWO MORE days and I am on summer break (well, kinda of--we have testing next week)! I will get to soon dive into these pile of books! 

Some here is my SUMMER list:
**Please note that I am reading these books and I have NOT read them so it could be good or bad!

"Age of Opportunity" by Paul Tripp- a biblical guide to parenting teens~ This is my parent book for the summer:)!
"The Last Bride" by Beverly Lewis~ not much into these stories but it was recommended to me so I am going to read it!
"The End of Dieting" by Joel Fuhrman~ gotta read one diet book to keep it even!  This book seems to be packed with lots of recipes
"Longbourn" by Jo Baker~I have heard if I like Downton Abbey I will like this!
"Lady Almina and The Real Downton Abbey"~another Downton Abbey like book
"My Beloved and My Friend" by Hal and Melanie Young~it's a book on marriage
"The Question" by Leigh A. Bortins ~ Classical Conversations new book about the dialetic stage of learning
"The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance"~ by Heidi St. John--I saw her at the convention and I loved her
"The Third Son" by Julie Wu 
"The Vacationers" by Emma Straub
"The Girls of August" by Anne Siddons
"Growing up Duggar" by the Duggar girls~ they intrigue me and I appreciate their family

I also have a ton of books sitting on my kindle to read!  Yeah...I can't wait!!  I am sure before the summer ends--I will add to this list.   Now, I just need to get my kids as excited about reading as I am! I didn't love reading till I was about 15 years old when my grandma handed me an old classic "Rebecca" by Daphne Du's a book weaved in secrets and mystery.  This book bloomed a "love" for books inside me and I fell in love...

What are you reading this summer?
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