Divide and Conquer...with ice cream!

May is always a busy time of the year for us...I think it is for a lot of people.  It seems that winter/early Spring stuff is winding down but summer stuff is beginning too.   My husband and I pretty much "Divide and Conquer" all the nightly activities for our three kids...my girls have started back up with swimming and my son is joining in the fun, too this summer!

I haven't been able to get to my son's game for a while so I went to his week night game!  My husband did the "swimming" and 4H meeting:).  It was fun to see his game....he played against some of his team members on his regular Fall team so that made it exciting.  He had a great game and was fun to watch.

After, we spent  a little time together and had an ice cream at Orange Leaf.  It was such a nice evening and sitting outside eating ice cream was sooooooo nice!   I try to "sneak" in little time together in between all our activities...even if that means we are eating ice cream for dinner! :)
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