A tradition everyone should do!

My family has a lot of traditions but my favorite tradition is at Thanksgiving. We started this tradition before my oldest could eat "solids". Every year at Thanksgiving we have a runner on our table and everyone writes "one" thing they are thankful for.

Today, I set my Thanksgiving table and sat down and read all the the things written on that 11 year old runner. It does have some spots and I can't iron it but it is more precious to me than any perfect "setting". It is a reminder of many memories and a constant assurance that I have so much to be thankful.

Every year that my family sits down to write what they are thankful for is a blessing in itself. We are together...everyone! This Fall, my mother had a heart attack and she is doing great. Thankfully she will be here(Lord willing) this Thursday. I am so thankful for this...

{I guess you know what I am writing this year!}

p.s. I have Christmas music on. I vow to myself to never listen to it before Thanksgiving but I am enjoying it!