a little lunch

There is a cute place that I have been introduced to by one of my friends. It's a little yellow house with a restaurant. It's all organic...it's fresh and it's become so popular that you need reservations just for lunch.

My friend and I went there this week. Of course, I order one thing and if I like it...I keep ordering it every time I go. So "aGaIn" I got the curry chicken on the most amazing homemade bread! She was more adventurous with trying something new. It was amazing!

I took a couple of pictures. I think I made my friend nervous when I pulled out my big ole camera out of my "Mary Poppins" bag! It's such a simple place...the menu is on the chalkboards but yet it is so fun!

I love it...the chalkboard menus right down to the fabric banner to the sign that has a lady holding a cow that says "Eat Organic!". Going out to lunch...great conversation and cute places are some of my favorite things.

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April said...

That sure looks like MY kind of eatery!

Anonymous said...

It looks nice! Places like that are usually the best!