They Caught Me.

I love to make fruit smoothies in the morning. I don't have any "special" recipes....just a little of this....a little of that! My smoothies consist of fresh fruit (we love strawberries around here!), about 1 cup of vanilla low fat yogurt, 1/2 cup of 100% apple juice and lots of milled flax seed.

My kids have really never known about the "flax seed" until my son caught me putting it in the smoothie machine. Of course, panic struck him immediately and he wanted to know what that was. If it falls into the "healthy" department- he runs the other way! I tried to tell him that it makes the smoothie thicker and fuller...of course, tried to tell him that he will never taste it.

He seemed to be okay with it in the morning. But, coming home from school, he announces that he doesn't like smoothies anymore and he doesn't want them in the morning.

I guess all day he thought about that "flax seed"!

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Mari said...

Too funny! I remember my Mom trying to slip a protein powder into our orange juice when we were young. We could always tell and never wanted to drink it!
I put flax seed in tomato juice in the morning.

April said...

That's kids for ya! I need to start using Flax Seed...I've heard it's really good for you!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!