not even frozen pizza

I have cooked for a number of years...I think I am getting gradually worse than better. I can't even cook a frozen pizza right anymore.

here's another picture...

As my kids walked into the kitchen- I quickly pointed to my chalkboard!

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Mari said...

Ha - that's funny! I like the sign.

Loui♥ said...

SandY T~
trust me..
It is not your ability to cook..
but the cantankerous oven with which you must contend!!
tell the kids they are "big enough" to prepare pizza for YOU!
warmest hugs..
Laughing smiles too!

Laura~peach~ said...

that pizza looks darn good to me... how did it taste???
actually seeing as how i do 99% of the cooking here ANYTHING ANYONE would cook for me would be so very nice and delightful... love your sign too!!!!

Tara G. said...

An American frozen pizza? SOLD!! With absolutely NO complaints! :)