The "stone"

Probaly about 12 years ago, I went to my first Pampered Chef party. Don't you remember all jamming into a kitchen with a bunch of ladies and ooohhhhh'ing and ahhhhh'ing over all the amazing things you could make with crescent rolls.

Remember the taco rings???(I don't even know if they still market that~)

I remember the PC consultant holding up her very own stone 9 by 13 didn't look like the magazines. It was now a dark, dark brown. She would go on that she cooks "EVERYTHING" on this pan from cookies to crescent roll casserole. After she is done, cooking she sprinkles it with a dash of soap and cool water to clean.

Everyone in that kitchen would silently dream of one day owning that pan and having it turn a dark, dark, dark brown that proves anything and everything will cook "perfect" on it. Well, I am being over dramatic and I haven't been to a Pampered Chef party in a VERY long time. However, I am a proud owner of one of those pans that I bought 12 years ago and mine looks just like the consultants now.

....and honestly, it does cook many things just perfect and I do protect this pan. It has it's very own spot in the cupboard because I would be heart broken if it broke. It is dark and it is stained and it's a dreamy to cook with!

It can bake a perfect chocolate chip cookie and they go fast around here. Swimming and food seems to go hand in hand especially with lots of kids over. I can take out a cut watermelon and in 10 minutes bring in just seeds and rinds. It's like I am feeding piranhas off the Amazon!

I think I am going to "google" if Pampered Chef is still in business. I may need another "stone" pan before this one breaks!

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Mari said...

They are still in business! I love their stuff and I have several stones that are dark and wonderful too!

carolinagirl said...

love love love my stone. and yes, we still make the taco ring and the turkey cranberry wreath.

Unknown said...

Sandy, I used to follow you often a couple of years ago. I got out of blogging after my third child. I decided to get back into it and thought I'd check to see what you're up to. This is such an interesting post. I'll have to look to see if I can get one of these. :) I love my cast iron pan, I'm sure I'd love this! Take care!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are definitely in business. I have a friend who sells it. I love my stone!

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

I have a round one we use all the time! I also have a large casserole one I never use. Maybe I should....:)

Em said...

My PC girl told me that I was NOT ALLOWED to use soap at all on my stone... so when it started smelling rancid, I stopped using it. One day I broke the rules and cleaned it with soap and *gasp* it didn't ruin it, it no longer smelled and my food started tasting good again. I am now waiting for someone to have a party so I can get the small stone for my toaster oven :)

Roshelle said...

I have a bar pan that I cook bacon on in the oven... it's so easy and clean and no popping bacon grease all over the stove!! I just ordered another one last week so I can cook double the bacon at once for my family. Love it!

heather said...

I have the same pan & I love it to pieces & I use it for everything. :) It's home is my oven because that really is the only safe place for it!

I also have their stone pie pan & stone bread pan. Neither one of those get much use though!!