My mom and I got out while they were here. We all were a little disappointed that my daughter couldn't join us for lunch on Friday (she is suppose to stay out of public germs for a while). However, it was nice to spend it with my mom. We went to our favorite little lunch place and did some shopping. It's funny b/c we never buy anything till we get to this one store. It's a perfect "match" for my mom's house!

Crazy enough we even went to Macy's this past weekend! It wasn't too bad honestly. I guess we missed the 2am crowd completely. Must be honest that I don't understand that "Black Friday" hoopla- of course, we had thoughts of joining in the fun this year. However, those thoughts fleeted quickly and we all went to bed.

This weekend went by so fast. We had fun playing games with my mom- the girls loved playing "LRC". It was quite exciting! Well, I have already started decorating and I am keeping it nice and simple!

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