"Apple Butter" kind of day!

We went to a local "village" in our area to enjoy some beautiful Fall weather and learn some history along the way.  It was a beautiful day and it just made you want to make apple butter and rake a pile of leaves to jump in. Perfect day!

The day was enjoyed with some friends who came down for a visit.  We walked through all the historical buildings and learned a little history about the families that use to live there.  The boys watched an old fashion baseball game and enjoyed a peaceful game of checkers.  I love harvest festivals and I could go to one every day!  My girlfriend was really into the "history" of the buildings and I enjoyed looking at the primitive Fall decorations!

My friend and I have so many memories together of when we would pile our kids in the car EVERYDAY and go places!  We would pick up the few kids in preschool and off we went- we would go everywhere!  Our houses needed to be clean and our laundry would pile up but we would just keep going--five kids, car seats, bottles and whining...nothing stopped us!  I don't think my youngest child ever took a nap in her crib...EVER!  We felt like we were in the "trenches" of motherhood but looking back it was some of the best times.  I didn't know it then but I do now!