In Your Dairy Section

I have a FAVORITE sandwich!  I eat it for breakfast usually but sometimes lunch  and when my husband is gone...I eat it for dinner!  First, I love laughing cow 35 calorie swiss cheese! I love it! I love it and I love it!  I eat it with everything even eggs (thats for another post).  If you have not tried the Laughing cow cheese in your Dairy section- go now! seriously.
I cut up cucumbers, tomatoe and red onion sometimes red pepper.  I toast the thin grained 100 calorie bread then spread my Laughing cow cheese on.  I then pile on the vegetables!  It's so yummy.  I bought the cutest cutting's very small but perfect to pull out to cut my vegetables for my sandwich. Cute little cutting boards are so fun!

It's such a good sandwich! The red onion puts it over the top! really, it does!