Pinterest and Fall Food

I don't know what it is but I am really loving my Pinterest account with all the Fall ideas!  I could look at "pumpkin" recipes all day...of course, I don't!  I was looking at a "pumpkin waffle" recipe and my son walked past me and said " Please don't make those!".

There was a cute pin of Fall "chex" mixes with candy corn.  I really don't like candy corn and I am not crazy about my kids eating it.  But, it was so cute and fun that after dropping my son off to class, I ran into the store to buy the ingredients.  My kids loved it!

My rule with any Chex mixes is that you cannot pick out the things you like!  You have to take one scoop and you get what you get!  My one child would pick out all the candy corn (then it wouldn't look as cute!) and my other child would pick out all the oatmeal squares...can't have that!  I know you are thinking who has "rules" for eating chex mix? me.

It's chilly out and the wind is blowing and the leaves are falling....YAY!