Fabric Flower Pins...

My friend and I went to a local craft fair this weekend.   It was fun to just spend some time together but I think we both would agree that it was a bit to "crafty" for us. We kept laughing that they need crafters who are members of Pinterest.  Of course, we did see some cute things but it was a bit pricey.

We both quickly migrated to a booth who had cute fabric flower pins.  Whispering quietly, we both agreed that we could do this!  Of course, it's just finding the "time" to do it. Tonight, I sat down and fooled around with some felt and buttons and a needle.  I cut out the felt and just piled it with different sizes.  I think I will use some other fabrics and maybe some ribbon too {it would have a more dramatic look} on the next one.

I think these would make such fun Christmas gifts!  You just need a needle, felt (different colors), fun buttons and a little bit of creativity.  After you have piled the different sizes of felt up...you sew on a button.  I did make a small backing for the back to cover up my thread!

My daughter was very willing to "model" the pin and was hoping it would be hers.

 I think it does look cute on her white jacket.  I just put it in a bag with lots of ribbon and it's super cute and ready to be given! 

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Kristen said...

Great job on the flower! We were at a craft fair this weekend at a local Waldorf school here and there were beautiful crafts. I always think I could make some it myself, too, then I get home and forget and never try :) good for you for following through!