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Thankful Tree

Finding blessings in our everyday is sometimes finding "answered" prayer!Sometimes when we talk as a family about things or situations we are usually was a "prayer" at one time. Our family is doing a "Thankful Tree" this year.  We have done this in the past.  Our "thankful" tree has been everything from construction paper to little Christmas trees to posters.  Pinterest inspired this year's "Thankful Tree".  It was cute and I had everything at home to make it!  Woila!

Every day the kids can write something they are thankful for anytime throughout the day and hang it up on the tree. Last night, I was in our school room, cleaning tables (yes, I am the school janitor, too!) and preparing for the next day.  I went over and read some of my kids "leaves".  I read one that said "I am thankful that I am homeschooled."  I read the name and then read it again and again.  I was for sure that one of my two out of three kids forgot their name.  But, it was from my one child who has REALLY struggled with the "whole" idea of homeschooling.

There were many nights that I would go to bed and just pray for her or even think that "tomorrow" we need to enroll her back in school.  I know as parents, we have to do what we have to do but it is still hard to see your child hurt... it tears you up inside.  She loved school...she loved her friends and teachers...she loved eating out of her lunch box and even wearing her uniform.  Everyday she would ask in some way if she could go back to school.  Of course, we talked a a lot...prayed together  but there were days I thought she would NEVER come around.
So there on that little stick tree, hung one sentence of surprise!  It was a year and half of prayer that had been answered.  It was a feeling of peace for all those nights I sat in bed and toiled with decisions.  Oh, the Lord is so good and answers prayers!

I love November and every year I think that we should do this every month.  We are blessed beyond measure!

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