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The Smell of Baking Bread

There is nothing better than the smell of bread baking in your house.  Those are words from one of my favorite bloggers...Edie from Life in Grace.  She posted about a wonderful bread recipe (she even did a video)!

My sweet friend who loves blogs as much as I do...texted me one morning and said "I think I want to make some bread".  I knew right then that one of our favorite bloggers was making something yummy!

I have been making this bread recipe since the day she posted it.  It's super yummy and it's fairly easy! My girls enjoy helping and they seem  "a-okay" with doing the hard part- 15 minutes of kneeding the dough.  They think it's great fun and love to be part of it!

 The bread is so delicious when it's warm with a little butter and lots of honey.  We went to a local "farm" to get raw honey.  The honey is simply delightful!

 The bread goes well with any meal and I have to be careful to limit it with my kids.  When my son comes home from practice, I think he could eat the entire loaf by himself.  Making dinner is such a struggle for me many days...mostly, because our nights are full of activities.  So there is something good about putting homemade bread on the table--it just makes you feel all homey and cozy!

Want to make some bread?...go here!