Chilly 1st swim!

The air is hot but our pool water is COLD but clear and blue! Yeah!  This has been one of the best pool openings we have EVER had.  When the pool guys were here, they thought part of the filter had gone bad but after taking it apart- they got it working!  I was nervous but so far it is working fine!

The kids were dying to get in and I think we should call it the "Polar Plunge" because the water is just freezing!!!  My girls didn't mind a bit...they just kept swimming.  My son's "dip" was quick and short but he got in for a few minutes!

It was our first dip...first time spraying sun tan lotion and our first time eating dinner in the backyard! 
 I guess summer has started and it has just crept up so fast and here we are! We have some warm days coming this week so hopefully our water will warm up a bit.

I was at a friend's house last week and she made the best "ice tea".  She said that no one has ever commented on her ice tea but it was so good{or I was so thirsty}.  She takes three family size tea bags by Luzianna and a gallon of boiling water...steep it...then pour it over ice!  It is so good and I love the taste of it!  I don't sweeten it but you could if you needed too! I think I will be making a few "gallons" this summer!

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