New Year and new adventure

This year we are homeschooling's our 3rd year and I guess it's a charm!  So far it's been a pretty good year and we are involved in three different great programs throughout the week.  We are VERY busy!


We are REALLY enjoying our Tuesdays! My girls are studying South American culture.   They have done SO many wonderful things from pottery, pillows to dioramas.  This week, they made clay tiles to decorate their South American masks!

  After they were done, making their tiles, they made colorful Flowers for our South American festival luncheon next week.
  All the moms are making an authentic Mexican's going to be lots of fun! We are doing the Tapestry of Grace curriculum.
  My girls have learned so much but so have I!!!

My teenage son goes there too!  This week they anesthetized fruit flies and they are cross breeding...honestly, I don't even's so OVER my head! All I know is that  I am just so thankful for my son's biology teacher!!! 

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