4:20 a.m. Alarms

We have a full weekend of sports.
Started off with my son's basketball game on Friday night...
Then a weekend of "swim team" starting this very cold and snowy Saturday morning..bright and early my alarm went off at 4:20a.m..  
The weather was not to good so I sent Mr. Sandy Toes with my oldest swimmer and we will catch up with them in the afternoon when my youngest swims.   

My daughter is swimming in nine events this weekend...she is super excited!  Being a new "winter" swimmer, she has been working very hard...that girl hates to miss a practice and LOVES when her coaches work with her after practice.  She has a few goals this season...she might reach one of them today! We will see!!! Her passion and "gusto" make her fun to watch in the pool...
But, all I know is

that she didn't leave here without some protein and carbs... 

I am not an early morning breakfast eater but she has to be!:) 
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