Arm Knitting

Arm knitting has become very popular in our area!  My oldest daughter went to our friend's house to learn how to arm knit and seemed to pick it up right away.  This week, my girl's "Beautiful Girlhood" class from our co-op got together to learn how to arm knit. I was COMPLETELY no help!  I watched and tried to understand but I just didn't get it.  Give me a paint brush, wood, modpodge but nothing that involves thread or yarn please!

However, the girls picked it up quite quickly and the mom who taught the group was SOOOO patient(even when they made a mistake!).  I think I would of just got out my scissors and cut it and encouraged them to tie a knot.

When my younger daughter got home that afternoon, she knitted so more.  That is totally typical of my two girls...the older one usually picks it up very quickly and does it and that's IT!  My younger one seems to pick it up slower and even gets frustrated BUT then she tries again later and makes 10 of them!

I think if you are related to us in anyway...this is a preview of "Christmas" 2014! 

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