Art museum trip!

We are on a "partial" Spring Break!  "Partial", you ask??? Yes, that is what happens when you homeschool and mom wants to keep "chugging" along so we finish in May.  Our co-op(one of them!) is on break and my kids would claim complete "MUTINY" if I didn't give in a little.  We have some fun things planned but also "schooling", too! 

We went to the Art Museum downtown and had a private docent take us on a tour of 18th century art. We have been diving into the different events of 18th century through our Tapestry of Grace curriculum.  I have learned so much right along side my kiddos~
The docent was so knowledgeable and I REALLY enjoyed it....I am not sure how the kids felt overall.  There were parts that were very interesting to them and after a while they were tired of trying to find the "triangle" in the! I love how the docent "pulled" so much out of one picture...what the artist was feeling, desiring and trying to communicate.  I giggled to myself b/c maybe the artist was thinking any of that and was just having a bad day and painted trees that slant and ran out of green paint so he used gray.  Who knows but the docent had an answer for everything--I found it amusing.

I was amazed by some of the pieces that the museum was quite interesting! It surprises me how some of the painters became so popular with their paintings...some are so simple and almost ugly.  But, we looked attentively as we looked at each piece.
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