"Try it" Tuesday

I am going to try to do a new weekly series called "Try It" Tuesday!  I will share some new foods, items, gadgets...whatever I have tried and loved...I will share on  Tuesdays.  It mainly will be food items but I may throw in some *different* items too!

So let's get started for this week...
I am TOTALLY in love with this new yogurt.  It's not REALLY healthy but it's a great low fat choice when you need CHOCOLATE!  Not only just any chocolate but Dove chocolate.  The chocolate is on top and you dump it into the yogurt. It's super yummy!  I have to hide it from my kids!

I love coffee but sadly I love sweetner and lots of cream too!  I picked up this creamer (I first tried at our CC co-op).  It's creamy and just a little bit goes a long way.  I don't even need any sugar or sweetner.  I can use just one small serving and it makes my coffee just right.

I was *grazing* down the aisles of Meijers and saw these little snack bites.  They are very yummy and crispy.  They have different flavors and it's very tasteful.  You can eat quite a few per serving and even Mr. Sandy Toes enjoys them!

I am really excited to share the next item. I was talking to a group of ladies and one of the ladies mentioned these bars.  She was telling everyone how much she loved them--so I pulled out one in my purse b/c I love them just as much.  They are low in sugar and high in fiber.  You can buy them at most GNC stores. They have a number of flavors but I love the oreo cookie flavor(the cookie dough flavor is good too)....it's super yummy and filling.  I have used it to replace a meal on my crazy days when I forget to eat lunch but close to dinner. One of my favorite bloggers shared her love for these bars a while back....here!

That's it for "Try It" Tuesday!  I encourage you to look for these few items the next time you are grocery shopping or near a GNC...you won't be disappointed!
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