Baseball and fun...

My friends at our Classical Conversation co-op are always talking about this "baseball" place in our area.  I have never had the chance to go but they talk about the great family atmosphere, free ice cream, bouncy houses and just great family fun! There have been emails going back and forth about the tournament this past week and some of my friends went every day! 

So finally the kids and I made it there this past week!  And as one friend said "This is one of our area's best kept secrets!".  I would have to agree!  We had such a fun morning with friends and even while we were leaving more friends were coming for the day!   I am  not really sure what the company does but they built this amazing baseball complex and they open it up to the public.  The kids can do bouncy houses, corn haul, games and FREE ice cream.  Plus watch some fun baseball games in an amazing baseball diamond...clean, Christian's really amazing!  I am sad that it took us soooooo long to finally visit there!

My kids had a blast with friends.  I had a soft serve yogurt with sprinkles...for some reason that tasted so good.  My friend and I were laughing that she hasn't had "sprinkles" on her ice cream since she was 12----but I think we enjoyed it more than the kids!  

Besides it being just a wonderful day--here is a company really giving back to the community and it's families that live there!  Just a fun day and I can't wait to go back again!

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