I washed 70 towels a week!

I was sitting in my car with a friend and we were heading into Traders Joe together.  Somehow, we got on the topic of "laundry" and my crazy, daily piles of towels.  After telling her my dilemma, she looked right at me and said "That needs to stop and it needs to STOP now.". I couldn't of agreed with her more!!!


My family of five uses a NEW towel EVERY time they shower or go to swim team.  Well, everyone pretty much takes a shower every day and I have two who take TWO showers a day(due to exercise and gym). So that is SEVEN (7) towels plus I have three on swim team so that is THREE(3) more towels.  Which means that we use 10 NEW towels a day...EVERYDAY...FOR almost 7 days!  So that is 70 TOWELS a week that I wash!  It' s crazy...it's embarrassing....it stresses me out...it make my hair gray and my toes become numb!  Seriously, it's wasteful and it's just plain NUTS!

THIS does NOT include the season when our backyard pool opens up and everyone is taking new beach towels for swimming EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY or when my kids graciously pass out towels to all their friends!  I noticed last year some friends just didn't even bring towels anymore. My life is Towels! 

I dream towels...

So later that week, after gnawing on her wise advice....I bought ONE different COLOR towel for each member of my family at the store.  I came home and called an emergency meeting and showed everyone their new towel!  Now, my husband is not wasteful so he will be on board.  But, he flies and is in hotels constantly so he enjoys fluffy clean white towels on a consistent basis. My girls were fine  but my teenage son was completely speechless and after finding his words...the only thing he could say was "What if the towel is wet the next day???". The only response I had was pretty much figure it out...flap it in the air...hang it outside your bedroom window...I don't know but this momma isn't doing it anymore!

So ONE TOWEL for each member of my family for five days....one SWIM towel for each member of my family for five days....this equals EIGHT towels---  I just eliminated at least 62 towels a week!  


Aaaahhhhh.....  I know you are thinking who has 70 towels...I do!  They are not very nice and some of them should be dust rags but we do!  If we run out, my family would go into the hall linen closet and pull out "keepsake towels" like our toddler initial towels, Winnie The Pooh towels ...even the baby hooded towels.  I have even seen one family member (I will not mention names) use a baby hooded towel in the morning.

My life has changed.....truly!  Yesterday, I looked into my dirty clothes hamper and there was barely nothing there.  I thought it had dumped out behind the door but it hadn't--there were no towels!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  My family is not nearly as excited but I couldn't be more thrilled!

Here's to 7 towels!  It's like symphony music to my ears...

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 p.s. What did I do with the 62 towels???  I packed them up in bins and hid them!

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