Chocolate Chip Scones (easy!)

I take a little trip to Trader Joes about every two weeks if I can!  It's not very far but it's one of those things that takes a little planning for me to get there.  I was reading a article about the top 14 things bought at Trader Joes and to my surprise I have not bought ONE of those items.  Of course, I have a few of those suggestions on my next list to try...

One of my favorite items to make are their chocolate chip scones!  You just add water and they are so good and fairly "light".  It's a perfect treat to go along with tea!  I made them today so my kids could take them to testing tomorrow. Probaly not the "healthiest" snack for taking the Stanford testing but it works!

I have a couple great scone know the kind with buttermilk, rolling, cutting!  But, honestly, I think these are just as good!  I have been pleased with many of the organic, boxed Trader Joe baked the pumpkin bread, cornbread and guilt free brownies.  It's all yummy!

Oh~I had to share these beauties....from my husband and kids for Mother's Day!  They are so beautiful~ It's a hydrangea tree and I need to plant it but I am enjoying them so much in my kitchen.  I just love this flower especially the purple petals!

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