The Entrance to my nest...

I already know what I will be when I grow up?  I will be the 80 year old woman with the big straw hat, garden gloves, tan wrinkled skin in her garden.  I am at the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year....I love the warm days and the cool, wet mornings.  My favorite time of the day is to sneak out of the house around 6:30a.m. and sweep my porch, water my flowers, dig in the dirt and then make a hot cup of coffee...all while the house is quiet.  I will have to adjust my time to 5:30am b/c swim team practice is just around the corner and my kids have to be at the pool at 7:00am....that puts a little "dent" in my enjoyable morning:).

I have been slowly working on my front porch... I have always dreamed of a wrapped around porch with white wicker furniture.  But, I am thankful for what I have...but I can't do white b/c of our house color so I have "black" wicker.  I think front porches are so fun!  I have had small front porches and large front porches...either one can have fun decorating it!  It's a great area to buy garage/yard sale stuff and paint!  It doesn't have to look perfect a matter of fact a little chip paint here and there adds to it~

Flowers , wicker, ferns, solar candles (real candles scare me!), watering cans, glass bottles, tin buckets, signs, can almost use anything to decorate a porch.  I never use to like ferns and really couldn't understand why people bought them but I have come to love them.  I think they are a great porch plant and geraniums work really well too!

 Just a place to welcome all those who come and a place for me to hide....but they always find me!

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