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Monday Morning Tea "Necessity"

It's Monday morning...early!  I just finished my first cup of tea for the day!  Some of you have written me and asked what is my favorite tea and how do I make it.  So I thought today was a great day to answer those questions.

I really don't have a favorite "tea".  I love all kinds of tea from bagged tea to loose leaf.  It really matters what kind of mood I am in.  Lately, I have been in love with a loose leaf till by Churchill teas.  It is truly the most delightful tea...Lemon Drop tea.  I brew it then add just a little milk and 1/2 tsp. of sugar and it is so good.  You can purchase the tea here. They deliver tea all over the U.S.A..  I also recommend their Creme Brulee tea--it's another good one!

First, I think any good cup of tea starts with a pretty cup.  I truly do--if you are drinking your tea out of a FAT ole mug or insulated cup--StOp! Tea needs to be sipped from a pretty tea cup--it really does!  You can find tea cups almost anywhere...but two of my favorite stores are this and that. I have seen pretty tea cups at yard sales, too. 

Second, you need to have a good "tea" brewer!  I think Teavana has the best tea infuser there is!  It is easy to clean and after the tea pours directly into your cup!  I use it almost every day and makes "loose leaf" tea easy to use!  No mess!  You can also use it to make cold tea---it is worth $25!  It's one of my favorite things!!!You can purchase it here or some areas have stores!

So black tea is to be brewed no longer than 3 minutes(or it will get bitter) my tea cup I put a little sugar and a little cream.  Yes,  I use just a little cream- you do have to be careful b/c some tea "curdles".  I had my first cup of tea with my Canadian grandma many years ago and it has stuck with me every since.  I do drink green tea without cream and some herbal teas.  But, overall, I am a "cream" with my tea kinda of girl! There is a fat-free creamer by Land of Lakes that is excellent and I can't tell the difference b/t that and the real thing!

After the tea is brewed, I pour it in my "ready" tea cup and stir.  Enjoy...

"Life is like a cup of tea, it's all on how you Make it"

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